Horses Available for Adoption

If you are interested in adopting a Fjord, please fill out this online application and we will be in touch with you shortly.


Lars is 8-9 years old. He has some training but is reactive and timid. He is sound and healthy but needs an experienced and patient new owner.


Dakota is bonded with Poptart and is a 13-15 year old mare. She is up to date on all vaccines, farrier work, and she is trained. Located in a foster home in Pennsylvania.


Poptart is bonded with Dakota. She is 13-15 years old and up to date on everything. She is trained to ride. Located at a foster home in Pennsylvania.


Spirit is a 9-10 year old gelding. He is sound and healthy and ready for adoption. He is currently in training in Montana.


Annie is around 19 years old. She loves to talk and have a good neck scratch. Good for fly spraying and easy to handle on the ground. She's up to date on all vaccines and farrier work. She's located in Missouri.


Tor is a gelding in his mid-teens. He is currently in training in Pennsylvania at a foster home.


Adoption Pending: Sheila is a 13 years old Fjord cross and is in foster care in Montana.


*Adoption Pending* August is a sweet guy who we purchased out of the auctions in Canada. He is looking for his forever home in the US. He is healthy and sound.

Updates on Facebook

For more information, updates, and photos for each horse we have available for adoption, please see our Facebook group.