What We Do

We are a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is a horse rescue network focused on keeping Norwegian Fjord Horses out of the slaughter pipeline and into safe loving homes. We began our mission in 2017 when we realized that if we work together we can move mountains. It takes a village of eyes and ears to alert us to a Fjord in need, donations to rescue, fosters to board, transporters to haul and adopters to show them their forever homes. We all work together for one end goal.

Opportunities to Help

We are always looking for those who love and care for the Fjord breed. If you are interested in helping our organization, please see all the available opportunities you can help these amazing horses in need.


It is our goal to adopt every horse we save into a loving and forever home for them. We are always looking for the perfect home for our special horses.

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NFHRN is committed to saving Fjords from neglect, abuse, auctions, neglict, and slaughter. Your generosity allows us to rescue, care, and rehabilitate them.

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We are always looking for volunteers to help us with everything from administration to temporary fostering to keeping an eye out at auctions and online websites for neglected Fjords in need of rescuing. Please reach out to us at margie@nfhrn.org

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